From mid December rubbishcorp® will have a regular hourly Sunday night slot at 104.6 FM (Auckland) and the rest of the week on the pipe and podcast. As you’ve probably guessed the show will feature the usual top picks from the internets for that week as well as some blinding tracks and mash-ups. The links will be posted live throughout the show @theradioblog or at – so it’ll be dead easy to keep up as the show is broadcast (or catch up laters).

rubbishcorp® is over 10 years old now and it kinda needs a spruce up. As you’ll know it’s hard to keep interested in something for that long – and as a reader you’ve prolly have noticed my interest has waned somewhat over the last year or so.

I’m pretty excited about getting her on the radio. It feels like the right thing to do and I feel excited and scared about it again. It’s an experiment with a steep learning curve – but I’ve got nothing to lose so fuck it. I’m terrified about the first few shows as I’m sure they’ll be a bit random. But I’m sure I’ll get into my stride after a bit and hopefully get back into loving my blog.

More to follow, but give us a look (maybe in Jan!!!!!).


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Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 11.05.50

Export RDIO & DEEZER playlists to Spotify.

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Oreo | Colourfilled

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Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 05.31.06

Colorfilled from Oreo – where you can create your own customized pack in a few simple steps.

Nicely executed.

Piano Phase

November 11, 2015 — Leave a comment is a performance and visualization of the first section from Steve Reich’s 1967 piece Piano Phase. Two pianists repeat the same twelve note sequence, but one gradually speeds up. The musical patterns are visualized by drawing two lines, one following each pianist. The sound is performed live in the browser with the Web Audio API, and drawn with HTML5 Canvas.

Site here.

All Hands on Deck

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Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 08.33.18

Graphic designers Thomas & Jurgen, Thunder and Bold and Olivier Vrancken (Amsterdam) asked 30 artists, all with an interest or background in skateboarding, to create a piece of work on a deck.


Directed by Ryan Enn Hughes.